Community Values

At Like Family, we have a number of core values that were developed to ensure every interaction within our community feels safe, respectful and positive.

Every Member, Social Carer and Like Family staff member is expected to uphold our values, and follow the guidelines surrounding them at all times.


Genuine Care: “We demonstrate kindness and compassion in every interaction.”

Trustworthy -We keep our promises and honour others' privacy.

Reliable - “We can be counted on and are always there when needed.

Respectful - “We are inclusive and respectful to all in our diverse community.”


Just as we have behaviours and attitudes that must be maintained at Like Family, there are ones that will not be tolerated. Any Member, Social Carer or Like Family Employee who demonstrates any of the following behaviours may be removed from the platform and no longer considered a part of our community:


Being Disrespectful which we describe as lacking courtesy, kindness and care. Some examples of this include using offensive, rude or inappropriate language and behaviours in applications, messages and activities.


Being Dishonest which is defined as not telling the truth. This includes intentionally decieving other people within our community, including Social Carers, Members, or Like Family employees.


Being Unreliable which is to say, not following through with commitments. Some examples of this include consistently cancelling bookings last minute, forgetting about bookings or leaving an activity early.


Being Discriminatory which we describe as not creating an inclusive environment. Being discriminatory includes any sort of racism, sexism, ableism or any other sort of discriminatory behaviour towards anyone.


When becoming a valued part of our community as a Member, Social Carer or Like Family employee, you are agreeing to uphold and honour these values in your dealings on our platform. In addition, you are also agreeing to take full responsibility and accept any consequences for behaviour that is violation of these standards. 


By showing Genuine Care and Respect to All, and by being Trustworthy and Reliable, we can create one of the most inclusive and positive communities ever! And the best part? We’ll do it together - just Like Family.