How do I become a Social Carer?

All Social Carers are required to complete the Like Family onboarding requirements in order to be activated on the platform

As a Social Carer, you'll be an independent contractor (sole trader) who has a registered Australian Business Number (ABN). This means that you are self-employed and using Like Family as a service to find and connect with clients (members) who you'll support out in the community.

To get started head to the Like Family website and select "work with us"

You'll need to create a profile in which you explain your skills and the reason you would like to work with Like Family.

All Social Carers must have:

  • An NDIS Workers Check
  • Proof of Covid-19 vaccination
  • 3 references who think you are an excellent Social Carer (cannot be a relative, can be international but must speak English).
  • An ABN.
  • The right to work in Australia.
  • An Australian Bank Account.
  • Proficiency in English 

Only once we have the above and you have passed induction are we able to activate your profile