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What activities can I do with Like Family?

Like Family provides essential services. As a result, we will continue to operate as normal. As we continue to help people with face to face support, safety for our Social Carers and our Members are our greatest priority.

Please see below the list of activities we are permitted to practice at all times

  1. Shopping for food and essentials
  2. Work (where you can't work remotely) transport
  3. School or an educational institution support
  4. Get medical care or supplies
  5. Doctors appointment
  6. Exercise
  7. Access social services
  8. Vehicle co-riding is limited to achieving essential services only. We recommend the passengers sit in the back seat to maintain social distancing.
  9. Overnight support for vulnerable people
  10. Meal preparation
  11. Cleaning or household tasks for vulnerable people ( wearing gloves and using alcohol-based hand sanitiser)
  12. Accompanying members to social engagements in line with current restrictions for their state or territory, you can check those here https://www.australia.gov.au/

Did you know that we have just launched Online bookings? You can read about how they work here https://help.likefamily.com.au/how-do-i-host-an-online-booking