What obligations do I have as a Social Carer to Like Family Members and Employees?

Like Family's Community Values outline your expected conduct in every interaction in our community. The NDIS Code of Conduct specifically outlines obligations relating to the support services you render to our Members as their Social Carer

Community Values 


community values

At Like Family, we have a number of core values that were developed to ensure every interaction within our community feels safe, respectful and positive. Every Member, Social Carer and Like Family staff member is expected to uphold our values and follow the guidelines surrounding them at all times.

Genuine Care: “We demonstrate kindness and compassion in every interaction.”

Trustworthy -We keep our promises and honour others' privacy.

Reliable - “We can be counted on and are always there when needed.

Respectful to all - “We are inclusive and respectful to all in our diverse community.”

When becoming a valued part of our community as a Member, Social Carer or Like Family employee, you are agreeing to uphold and honour these values in your dealings on our platform. In addition, you are also agreeing to take full responsibility and accept any consequences for behaviour that is in violation of these standards. 

The NDIS Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct requires workers and providers who deliver NDIS supports to:

  • act with respect for individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination, and decision-making in accordance with relevant laws and conventions
    • E.g. Supporting Members to make decisions for themselves, even if these decisions are not ones you would make for yourself.
  • respect the privacy of people with disability
    • E.g. Not sharing sensitive information that you may become aware of as a Social Carer
  • provide supports and services in a safe and competent manner with care and skill
    • E.g. Follow the guidelines set out in people's care plans and never behave in a way that jeopardises the safety of you or the Member(s) you are supporting. Also, follow and adhere to any and all relevant public health orders for your area. 
  • act with integrity, honesty, and transparency
    • E.g. Only provide supports you are qualified for and avoid and declare any real or perceived conflicts of interest (such as selling personal items to Members for profit under the guise of helping them achieve their goals or providing for them. This is highly inappropriate due to the position you hold as a Social Carer). 
  • promptly take steps to raise and act on concerns about matters that might have an impact on the quality and safety of supports provided to people with disability
    • E.g. Immediately report any real or perceived instances of care needs not being met with Like Family.
  • take all reasonable steps to prevent and respond to all forms of violence, exploitation, neglect, and abuse of people with disability
    • E.g Immediately report any real or perceived threats to the Members safety and/or wellbeing to Like Family
  • take all reasonable steps to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct.
    • E.g.  Immediately report any real or perceived acts of sexual misconduct (where sexual acts are unwelcome and performed without consent) immediately to Like Family.

If you wish to further understand the NDIS Code of Conduct, you can read the NDIS Code of Conduct Guidance for Workers here.

Violating Community Values or the NDIS Code of Conduct

Just as we have behaviours and attitudes that must be maintained at Like Family, there are ones that will not be tolerated. Any Social Carer who acts in violation of our Community Values or the NDIS Code of Conduct will face disciplinary action and may be removed from the Like Family platform. In cases of serious misconduct, you may be reported to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.