How do I make a booking?

Once you have agreed to a booking via activity post or message with a member, you can make a booking in 3 simple steps.

1. Message the Member

Message the member to confirm the booking time and date. Please note, in order to make a booking, you have to have previously messaged them. 

 2. Make a Booking

Once the member has confirmed their they wish to proceed, click on the “Bookings” tab at the top of the website page. 

On the Bookings page, click on the “Make a Booking” button, located at the top-right of the page. Then, select them and create a booking. 

If the member would like support at the same time every week, you can select “Make repeat bookings for this day and time” which allows you to create a booking at the same time for the following 2 - 12 weeks. 

3. Member can view Booking Request

Once you have made a booking with a member, they will receive the booking notification.