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What should I do about social distancing?

Like Family is an essential service. As a result, we will continue to operate as normal. As we continue to help people with 1-on-1 face to face support, safety for our Social Carer and our Members are our greatest priority.

It is our recommendation that if you are engaged as a Member or Social Carer in face to face support, that you follow the most recent guidelines given by state authorities. These are changing frequently, so we recommend you stay up to date with news releases from government bodies. The reasons for which it is currently acceptable to leave the house can be found here:

If your planned outing does not meet these guidelines, we recommend that you find a more suitable activity for your booking.

Masks are recommended if you are working directly with clients or patients who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. If a person requires support, you are not breaching the law as you are providing an essential service.

Further guidance on the use of surgical masks is on the Department of Health website.

Not comfortable with face to face contact, Did you know that we have just launched Online bookings? You can read about how they work here https://landing.likefamily.com.au/video-bookings/