What is the Like Family Academy?

The Social Carer training Modules were developed as a part of the Like Family Academy and are there to assist you in stepping out in the community with knowledge, confidence and a Social Carer’s intuition. Their completion is strongly recommended.

The Like Family Academy is separated into 5 modules: 

  • Module 1: Connecting to Community

This module provides you with a basic understanding of Social Isolation as well as our mission. It also works to assist you in defining how you can support Members of our community. 

  • Module 2: Understanding Disability and Ageing

This module focuses on person-centred Support. It provides you with an understanding of how to speak about disability and ageing as well as the many different Members in our community and how they might look for you to support them. 

  • Module 3: Developing Practical Support Skills

This module focuses on the little things that will assist you in being a great Social Carer. This includes organisation, travel, what to wear and a guide on being an Independent Contractor. 

  • Module 4: Communication and Problem-Solving Skills

This module provides you with an understanding of how to develop solutions calmly and thoughtfully when a tricky situation arises. This is a great way to prepare for some of the things you may face when out and about in the community with the Member you support. 

  • Module 5: Putting Passion to Purpose.

This module allows you to put pen to paper. You will be challenged to use everything that you have learnt in your training to develop a plan for a day out with a Member. Your work will then be reviewed by our team, after which you will be awarded a “Like Family Academy Graduate” certificate via email. Please note, the review may take up to 2 weeks. 

  • Module 6: COVID-19 Training

This module provides up to date information and training on how to work as a Social Carer safely during the COVID-19 pandemic

Would you like to complete the academy? 

Log into your account and then click on “Profile”. You will then need to click on the “View Training Modules” tab which will open the Like Family Academy.