What is the Like Family drug and alcohol policy?

Like Family is committed to providing, so far is reasonably practicable, a working environment that is safe and without risk to all its employees, contractors and others.

Our policy has been designed for the mutual benefit of Like Family and all individuals within the Like Family Community and seeks to comply with the legislation of Federal and State Governments regarding alcohol, tobacco, drugs and safety generally. 

Like Family recognises that the use of alcohol or drugs will impair an individual’s ability to perform work safely. This policy is used by Like Family to control that risk.


Like Family is committed to the well-being of its employees, and to enabling its employees to perform their work in a manner which is both productive and does not jeopardise their own safety or the safety of others.   Like Family aims to foster an attitude that it is unacceptable to come to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs.   


This Drug and Alcohol policy and any supporting procedures apply to all Like Family employees and maximum term employees. It also applies to secondees from other companies, consultants or visitors and contractors (Social Carers)

Like Family expects its contractors to observe behaviours consistent with this policy and to comply with State & Federal Government legislation regarding alcohol, tobacco, drugs and safety. Like Family applies the drug and alcohol requirements to contractors from time to time depending on the circumstances for example where a contractor is required to operate machinery, for example, a vehicle, complete installation/construction/building work or care for others.  

Each person to whom the Policy applies must make themselves aware of these standards and the conduct required. 


Like Family is committed to ensuring that the safety and wellbeing of employees and the quality of Like Family work, is not compromised by the presence of people under the influence of alcohol or other drugs in the workplace. 

Like Family does not and will not condone: 

  • The use, sale or possession of any illegal/prohibited substance or alcohol at the workplace or a work-related event;  
  • The presence of employees or contractors adversely affected by alcohol at the workplace or work-related event;   
  • The consumption of alcohol at the workplace or at a work-related event without express management permission; and  
  • Smoking of any tobacco or tobacco related products, including e-cigarettes, at the workplace.

 Like Family acknowledges that alcohol may be consumed at some activities involving employees including Like Family initiated activities. When attending a function as a representative of Like Family, employees are expected to conduct themselves responsibly within the bounds of Like Family policies. If employees choose to consume alcohol they must do so responsibly and arrange for safe transportation to their place of residence. Alcohol is not to be consumed on company premises unless approved by the Chief Executive Officer or any of his/her direct reports.   


In support of the highest standards of safety, and in the interests of health, Home Care Social Carer employees and contractors may be asked to submit to drug and alcohol tests after incidents or upon reasonable suspicion of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol whilst at work. Tests will be conducted by approved testing providers.  A refusal to submit to such a test may constitute grounds for disciplinary action.   In the event that employees are taking medications prescribed by a certified medical practitioner, this will not result in a positive finding and confidentiality will be maintained.   


Ongoing training and education is available to all employees, managers and contractors through information sessions, workshops and inductions. Information and resources are also available on the Like Family Frequently Asked Questions section.  

6.Counselling, assistance and rehabilitation. 

Like Family firmly believes people should come to work safely and go home safely. To this end, we have in place a number of partnerships to assist employees, contractors and members of the Home Care Social Carer Community. Specifically, Like Family has a partnership with Relationships Australia, who are available to provide free and confidential counselling to anyone in the Like Family Community.

Relationship Australia can be contacted on 1300 364 277.

7.Roles and responsibilities 

 Every individual is required to take reasonable care for their own safety and the safety of others. The below outlines the specific responsibilities of various groups within the Like Family Community:

Employees are responsible for: 

  • Their behaviour and actions at all times;
  • Understanding and complying with this policy; 
  • Promptly informing their manager if they believe there is a policy breach; and 
  • Seeking advice from a manager before undertaking an action or activity that may be contrary to Like Family policy. 

Managers are responsible for: 

  • Monitoring compliance with this policy by members of their team; and
  • Ensuring that each member of their team understands this policy. 

Contractors, Visitors, Consultants are responsible for: 

  • Their behaviour and actions at all times;
  • Maintaining their personal health and safety as well as the health and safety of those around them; 
  • Reporting any incidents involving drug, alcohol and safety risks to Like Family in line with the Like Family Incident Reporting Protocol; and
  • Following all reasonable directions in relation to Health & Safety.

8.Other Useful resources

There are a number of useful resources available to care providers. It is recommended that anyone provide care, support and companionship review these resources and to seek additional support if they have any questions relating to their responsibilities:

NDIS Code of Conduct -https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/providers/ndis-code-conduct