What is the Like Family Member screening process?

All new Members are called personally by our team in order to understand their background and how we and our Social Carers can best support them.

If possible, we also contact their direct support network such as their family or Support Coordinator to assure that you have all of the information that you need prior to meeting our Members. 

If any time you notice a change in your members behaviour, health or general demenour you should notify their support circle and Like Family so we can ensure the member is supported and you remain safe.

If you have an incident when with a member please contact us to lodge an incident report,  do not expect you to enter or remain in any situation in which you don’t feel safe. 

If you are at direct risk, remain in the vicinity of the Member and if necessary, call Emergency Services. 

If you are not at direct risk but feel uncomfortable in a specific situation, please communicate this with the Member and/or the Member’s primary contact as well as the Like Family Team.