Can I organise a Meet and Greet for my client?

A Meet and Greet is an opportunity for your client to meet with the Social Carer prior to bookings, free of charge.

At the Meet and Greet, your client can make sure that a Social Carer is the right match for them. You can also go through logistics such as:

  • The organisation of extra expenses and transport
  • Times and days your client will be requiring supports on an ongoing basis.

We recommend meeting at a location such as your client's home, your office or a cafe. You can also arrange a phone or video booking. You can arrange up to 5 free Meet and Greets for up to 1 hour each.

Who should attend the Meet and Greet?

We recommend that your client, yourself and, if relevant, your client’s family should all be present at the Meet and Greet.