How do I deal with Members who exhibit concerning behaviour?

Definition of a Behaviours of concern

Is defined as behaviour of such intensity, frequency and duration that the physical safety of the person or others is placed or is likely to be placed in serious jeopardy, or behaviour which is likely to seriously limit use of, or result in the person being denied access to, ordinary community facilities, services and experiences.

What to do when behaviours of concern arise

Sometimes Members may display concerning behaviour during an activity. If a Member displays behaviours of concern, the Social Carer may need to balance their care of the Member with their duty to protect others, household members and also themselves. Any actions taken or strategies used should be in direct accordance with the Members individual documentation and/or Positive Behaviour Support Plan provided upon request & approved by the Support Coordinator and/or Primary Caregiver. Main points to be used in combination with any specific and individualised strategies are:

Taking care not to put themselves at risk, the Social Carer should:

  1. Try to redirect the Member by using short friendly but assertive communication in an attempt to diffuse the situation:
  2. Stay with the Member if possible until they are settled, or if not possible, to an area where they are safe and can be observed;
  3. If in immediate danger, remove themselves, other Social Carers and any household members away from the Member to a safe distance and let them know you will return when they are calmer;
  4. Refer to the Member’s Positive Behaviour Support Plan if one exists and is provided by the Support Coordinator.

If the Member continues with the behaviour of concern and the Social Carer is unable to support them in reducing this behaviour, and it is considered an emergency situation the employee should contact their Support Coordinator, or where necessary, the employee must call the Police on “000”.


Reporting Requirements of a Behaviours of Concern

The Like Family Social Carer must call or email the Like Family team on or 1800 545 332 immediately after the incident, and request for an incident report form, which they must fill out within 24 hours. Like Family will inform the Primary caregiver or Support Coordinator as soon as possible of the incident, even if they managed to diffuse the situation. The Support Coordinator is to determine whether the family and/or other significant people should be informed.