How do I obtain a National Police Check?

Social Carers may wish to obtain a Police Check in order to become eligible to work with some of our partner organisations.

Like Family currently requires all activated Social Carers to have a valid NDIS Worker Screening Check, which gives them the ability to apply for all types of work (be it domestic assistance, social support, or transport) with almost all types of Like Family Members (Disability & Aged Care). 

Like Family also has partnership agreements in place with other providers, who use our  Social Carers to provide social support, community access, domestic assistance and respite to their pool of clients. 

Some of these partner organisations require background checks in addition to the NDIS Worker Screening Check, namely National Police Checks. Social Carers will not be eligible to work with these partner organisations without a valid National Police Check.

How do I obtain a police check?

Like Family recommends that you source your National Police Check through Cited.

To apply:

  1. Create an individual account with Cited.
  2. Navigate to "Checks and records" 
  3. Click on the green "+" icon next to "checks and clearances"
  4. Search for "National Police Check"
  5. Complete each step of the submission form, which includes uploading a photo and providing identifying documents
  6. Pay the $41.50 fee

For more information on the Cited police check, check out their help centre.

Can I use my existing police check?

If you already have a police check, you are not required to obtain a new one, so long as your existing police check meets the following conditions:

  • Issued within the last 3 years
  • Was issued in the name that matches the name you provided on your Social Carer account
  • Is a national police check