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Our Feedback and Complaints Policy

At Like Family, we welcome any and all feedback and want to ensure our community members feel supported in the event they wish to make a complaint of any kind.

If you wish to provide feedback or to raise a complaint against a Social Carer or Member, we encourage you to submit our online form or reach out directly to the Like Family team via email or phone:

Feedback and Complaints Form

Email: hello@likefamily.com.au

Phone Number: 1800-545-332

Like Family aims to acknowledge all complaints and feedback within 72 hours of receipt. Individuals wishing to raise a complaint or share feedback are entitled to the support of an advocate or other third party who can assist them to express their perspective.

How will my complaint be handled?

Depending on the nature of your complaint or feedback, the team will conduct an investigation and take appropriate action against the individual in question. These actions may include:

  • Raising the feedback with them or their advocate in a way that honours your privacy and providing them with education in order to prevent the issue from arising again
  • Issuing them with an official warning and creating plans to prevent reoccurrence
  • Removing them from the Like Family platform
  • Reporting them to the NDIS commission 

During an investigation, Like Family will endeavour to seek out all available information to gain a complete picture of an incident or complaint. This may include speaking to other Members, Social Carers, or family members in order to corroborate stories and gain additional insights. These insights will then be used to govern our decision-making regarding actions that may be taken against the subject of a complaint.

What options are available to me whilst my complaint is being handled?

    If you no longer wish to work with the Social Carer or Member you have provided feedback on, please know that you are under no obligation to do so. Due to the nature of our platform, you are not required to provide notice of your desire to cancel support services with them. In the event of a cancellation of support services as a result of a complaint, the Customer Experience team will make themselves available to the affected Member to assist them in finding a suitable replacement, or refer them to another provider who may be more suited to their needs.

    If you have any further questions regarding the Like Family complaints process, please feel free to get in touch.

    What if I am not happy with the outcome provided to me by Like Family?

    If you are dissatisfied with the outcome provided to you by our complaints management process, you are able to raise your concerns directly with the NDIS Commission. 

    The Commission can be contacted by:

    The NDIS Commission can take complaints from anyone about:

    • NDIS services or supports that were not provided in a safe and respectful way
    • NDIS services and supports that were not delivered to an appropriate standard
    • how an NDIS provider has managed a complaint about services or supports provided to an NDIS participant

    If you are not comfortable raising a complaint yourself, you may seek support from a family member, friend, or independent advocate.