Mealtime Management

Like Family Social Carers are unable to provide mealtime management as a service. They can however, provide support with meal preparation or reminders, so long as certain requirements are met.

Mealtime management is not a service offered on the Like Family platform. However, in the event Members require support with meal preparation or reminders, Like Family has implemented the following policy to ensure safe service provision:

Prior to the commencement of services, the chosen Social Carer is required to have a “meet and greet” with the Member and their guardian or support person (such as family member or support coordinator, if applicable). 1 hour meet and greets are provided free of charge to our Members.

During this meeting, the Social Carer must be provided with a completed mealtime management plan and understand the role they will be required to play in terms of supporting the member with their meal preparation. Topics of conversation should include:

  • Food Allergies, intolerances and preferences
    • E.g. Is the Member allergic to nuts? Lactose intolerant? Sensitive to food colouring? Do they have specific taste and flavour preferences?
  • Additional food requirements
    • E.g. Do they require texture modified foods or fluids?
  • Food handling and storage requirements 
    • E.g. Do prepared meals need to be kept separate from ingredients for future meals? Does the Member have a preferred or familiar storage system for their meals?
  • Processes to follow in the event of a safety incident (such as choking or coughing)

Social Carers must also be made aware of whether healthcare professionals (such as occupational therapists or speech pathologists) have been involved in the creation of the mealtime management plan. In such cases, the Social Carer must work closely with these professionals to understand how to best support the strategies they have implemented.

At the conclusion of the meet and greet, if all of the above topics have been covered and both the Member and Social Carer are satisfied with their understanding, services may commence as required.

In the event there is a change to any of the Members circumstances, Like Family and the Social Carers they are utilising must be informed.