Who can I use for my 3 references?

Before you can become a Social Carer, you must provide contact details for 3 different referees. This helps us check whether you’ll make a great Carer!

Character vs Employment Reference

Character References

Character references are individuals who know you well and can confirm that you have the necessary attitude, traits, and skills to make a great contribution to our community. Character references cannot be related to you in any way, meaning that parents, siblings, extended family members, and partners are not suitable character references.

Employment References

An employment reference is anyone who has known you in a professional or working capacity. Suitable options can include a manager or supervisor, a colleague, a customer or client, or even someone you know through any volunteer work you have done. If you have not had a job, nor volunteered anywhere, other suitable people may be teachers or coaches from sporting teams. Where no one fitting this description can be added, an additional character reference may be supplied.

How to edit and update your Reference

Find the ‘Edit’ button next to Character reference

Fill in the following fields:

  • Full name 
  • Phone number 
  • Email address 

If your reference is located outside of Australia, use your phone number to fill in the phone number field. Do not use spaces between the number e.g 0423123123. 

If you see a green “Responded” label, this implies that your reference has completed the reference check!