What does Like Family charge?

Our service is an affordable rate that is well below the NDIS and care industry rates, so you can get more time to achieve your goals! 

You only pay for the time the Social Carer is providing care.  Our minimum face to face booking time is 1 hour.   The following rates are for one Social Carer and multiple members:


Services Members Hourly Rate

1-on-1 (one Social Carer and one Member) 



1-on-1 (one Social Carer and one Member) 

Weekend & Public Holidays

1-on-2 (one Social Carer and two Members)


per member

1-on-3 (one Social Carer and three Members)


per member


Additional information on other booking types

Sleepover Bookings

Service Member Rate for 10-Hours of support overnight

Sleepover (8 hours with no expectation of being woken including 2 hours of active support)

Mon - Thurs Nights


Sleepover (8 hours with no expectation of being woken including 2 hours of active support)

Fri - Sun & Public Holiday Nights


Please note:  The above rate is for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for your Social Carer this includes 2 hours of active support for a total shift of 8 hours. When you decide to utilise these active support hours throughout the course of your sleepover booking can be determined between you and your Social Carer.

 ‘Active support’ refers to when the Social Carer is supporting you with your disability/condition in some capacity (for example, walking to and from the bathroom, helping you to prepare for bed, performing housework at your request, etc).

The above breakdown and definition are in accordance with the NDIS Price Guide and definition of a sleepover shift. It cannot be reduced or modified, except in circumstances as outlined below:

Any support given by the Social Carer during the night that exceeds the included 2 active hours by more than 30 minutes will be charged at the regular hourly rate. Similarly, if your Social Carer is awake and actively providing support to you for frequent yet short periods of time, we will need to adjust the booking cost accordingly. Please contact the Like Family Customer Experience team on 1800 545 332  to discuss this or make required amendments to bookings.

Video or Phone Bookings 

In addition to face-to-face bookings, Like Family offers Members the opportunity to receive supports through online video or phone bookings. We understand these bookings may not always last the minimum booking time of 1 hour, so we offer a 30min video or phone booking rate (for calls over 30mins, normal hourly rate applies)

Service Member Rate for 30min Phone or Video Booking

Video or Phone Booking for 30mins



Video or Phone Booking for 30mins



NDIS and transport

NDIS participants are able to flexibly use their plan’s core support funding to claim service provider costs associated with transporting participants to and from NDIS funded community-based activities.

Transport as part of a booking is charged at the 0.80c per kilometre and covers travel during a booking, note, there is no charge for the cost of a Social Carer travelling to and from their home to a booking. 

Service Transportation cost

Transport - Travel during booking only

$0.80 per kilometre