What transport am I paid for?

By agreement, a Member can cover the cost of any transport provided during a booking. However, you are not paid for travel to and from a booking.

You should confirm at the time of the booking if a Member is happy to pay for the transport costs and at what rate. 

If a Member is not happy to pay $1.00 per kilometre, then you need to discuss with them how much they'd like to pay. You will then need to decide if you choose to accept the booking or not. 

From 1 March 2020, NDIS participants will be able to flexibly use their plan’s core support funding to claim service provider costs associated with transporting participants to and from NDIS funded community-based activities. If your Member agrees to cover the cost of transport, you can claim $0.90 per kilometre for transport during a booking (but not transport to and from a booking).

Important - By adding kilometres to your booking, it will create an invoice line for transportation. Please verify with your member if they have funding for transportation. If they do not, they will need to pay separately. 

We hope this provides Members with a fair way to pay for transport should they wish to include this in addition to their bookings with their Social Carer. 

You should always discuss transport costs during a booking directly with the Member you are supporting.