How do I submit a great activity application?

Along with your profile, your activity application first thing that a Member sees and their first impression of your skills, passion and personality. So how to do a great activity application? Well, buckle in because we are here to help!

Firstly, make sure that you double-check your grammar and spelling! In addition to that, try to follow the below recommendations when applying for activities

About Me

Explain why you think you are a good match for an application and why the activity stood out - remember this message is your job application! 


Confirm that you are available the date and time needed. 


Qualifications are very important as a lot of Members are looking for specific experience. Whether it is experience or qualifications in horticulture, fashion, an Olympic Gold Medal or a degree in physics make sure you mention this in your activity application.


Make sure you address any questions the member might have in your messages and have a conversation about how you can work together to achieve their goals.