What if a Member asks me to pay for my ticket but I can’t afford it?

Clear communication between the Member and the Social Carer is essential. Expenses and payments are to be discussed between both parties

Communication is key. Some of our Members have a tight budget and for this reason, even if they would like to, they may not be able to cover your entry or ticket. If you are not comfortable in paying for yourself, just politely let them know this and suggest some similar events that are lower in cost or free. 

You can also ask if they have a companion card.

A Companion Card is a card that some of our Members own that allows you, as a carer, entry into many locations for free. The Member is still required to cover the cost of their own ticket. 

You can read more about what locations accept Companion Cards here: http://www.nswcompanioncard.org.au/where-can-i-use-my-card