What is the Like Family Complaints Policy?

At Like Family, we welcome any and all feedback and want to ensure our community members feel supported in the event they wish to make a complaint of any kind. You can submit feedback in writing via our Contact Us page, or by phone.

Our mission at Like Family is to reduce the feelings and impacts of social isolation in our community. We wish to provide the best possible user experience to both our Members and Social Carers and welcome any form of feedback that will help us to continue to do so. If you wish to share positive feedback, constructive criticism, or raise a complaint, we want you to know that we are here to listen and support you throughout the process of doing so. 

At all times, Like Family endeavours to have meaningful and culturally relevant information available to community members on our complaint policy and processes. If you are a complainant, you will be provided with a safe environment in which to voice your concerns to one of our team members. We will do our best to ensure all accessibility, cultural and linguistic needs are met in order for you to meaningfully participate in the complaints process, and that there will be no negative consequences or retribution for raising your feedback with us.

As a complainant, you decide how, when, and where a complaint should be made and are entitled to nominate a support person or advocate to represent you throughout the complaints process. You are also welcome to work with your family and carers to resolve the issue with Like Family. You may nominate the person at Like Family you wish to be the key contact regarding your complaint, which we will cater to wherever possible.