How much am I paid?

All payments are processed through the Like Family website. In order to get paid for the time you spend supporting Members, you will need to ensure you enter your bookings into the system and that you complete them in a timely manner.

The rates that Social Carers working as independent contractors are paid (as well as the rates Members pay for Social Carer supports) are outlined below, effective from 1st October 2021:
Services Social Carer Hourly Rate Member Hourly Rate (per Member)
1 Social Carer: 1 Member  Weekday $35.30 $46.00
1 Social Carer: 1 Member  Weekend & Public Holidays $45.00 $59.00
1 Social Carer: 2 Members $48.80 $31.90
1 Social Carer: 3 Members $54.00 $23.50


The price difference between the Member and Social Carer rate is our administration fee which covers invoicing, payment processing, and insurance. As this is automatically deducted from a Social Carers hourly rate,  the rates you see above are the rates you can expect to be paid.


Additional information on booking types and payment amounts

Sleepover Shifts:
A sleepover shift includes 8 hours of sleep (with no expectation of being woken) plus 2 hours of active support for a total of 10 hours. Additional support can be rostered before and/or after the sleepover and is paid at the relevant rate.

Services Social Carer Rate (Total 10 hour Shift) Member Rate (Total 10 Hour shift)

Sleepover (8 hours with no expectation of being woken plus 2 hours of active support)

Mon - Thurs Nights

$180.00 $232.00

Sleepover (8 hours with no expectation of being woken plus 2 hours of active support)

Fri - Sun Nights & Public Holidays

$199.40 $258.00


Video Bookings:

In addition to face-to-face bookings, Like Family offers Social Carers and Members the opportunity to provide and receive supports through online video or phone bookings. We understand these bookings may not always last the minimum booking time of 1 hour, so if your video booking is 30 minutes or less, it will be paid at 30 mins. We will make this adjustment before you are paid.

Services Social Carer Rate (Video or Phone Booking) Member Rate (Video or Phone Booking)

Video or Phone Booking (30mins)


$17.65 $23.00

Video or Phone Booking (30mins)


$22.50 $29.50


By arrangement a member can cover the cost of any transport provided during the booking, however, you are not paid for travel to and from the booking. Please refer to our travel policy article for more information

Services Social Carer Rate Member Rate 

Transportation - travel during booking only

$0.80 per kilometre $0.80 per kilometre