What type of support does Like Family provide?

Our support services cover almost all types of non-medical social and community care, and can be accessed by people of all ages and abilities.

Like Family can help you build meaningful relationships, gain independence and learn new skills through social and community care. Our support services include, but are not limited to:

    • Arts & craft
    • Meal preparation and grocery shopping assistance
    • Events buddy - attending a particular social event with a Social Carer
    • Playing recreational games
    • Health & wellbeing support - like going for walks or playing a sport
    • Support with household tasks - light domestic assistance around the home
    • Outdoor adventures - going for day trips or overnight trips
    • Transportation - like getting a lift to an appointment
    • Sleepover support
    • Group activities with 1 or 2 other Members
    • Skills training - learning a particular skill with the support of a Social Carer

Like Family cannot provide support with the following:

    • Personal Care: Examples include showering, toileting, dressing, or any type of support that includes nudity
    • Medical Care: Any type of medical care aside from prompting/reminding to take medication
    • Professional services: Examples include professional/deep cleaning, physiotherapy, detailed gardening/landscaping or any professional service
    • Heavy lifting