Our Services / What type of support do we provide?

Our Social Carers are here to support you. If you’re after companionship or non-medical services, we might be just what you need.

Like Family can provide support with a wide array of activities. Some of which include, but are not limited to:

    • Arts & Crafts
    • Meal preparation and grocery shopping assistance
    • Events buddy - attending a particular event with a Social Carer
    • Playing sports, games, going for walks
    • Health & wellbeing support - support with reaching a particular health or wellbeing goal for example 
    • Support with household tasks - light domestic assistance around the home
    • Outdoor adventures - going for day trips or overnight trips
    • Skills training - learning a particular skill with the support of a Social Carer

Like Family cannot provide support with the following:

    • Personal Care: Examples include showering, toileting, dressing, or any type of support that includes nudity
    • Medical Care: Any type of medical care aside from prompting/reminding to take medication
    • Professional services: Examples include professional/deep cleaning, physiotherapy, detailed gardening/landscaping or any professional service
    • Heavy lifting