How do I create a great profile?

It is the first thing that a Member sees and their first impression of your skills, passion and personality. So how do you make a stellar profile? Well, buckle in because we are here to help!

Firstly, make sure that you double-check your grammar and spelling! In addition to that, try to follow the below recommendations when creating your profile. 

Profile Picture

Choose a headshot in which you are smiling, look friendly and maybe even doing something that you love such as cooking or at the beach!

Do not choose a photo in which you are wearing sunglasses, frowning or in swimwear. 

About Me

The “About Me” is the most important part of your profile. In the “About Me”, make sure that you include your passions, skills and personality as well as what you do when you are not a Hero, any sports that you play or activities that you enjoy. Some Heroes also like to include information about their previous experiences or their career aspirations. 


Make sure that your availability is updated on a weekly basis. If you are at capacity, please set your profile to unavailable. 


Qualifications are very important as a lot of Members are looking for specific experience. Whether it is experience or qualifications in horticulture, fashion, an Olympic Gold Medal or a degree in physics make sure to include it!


It is important to include all language ability. Whether you are a beginner or advanced it assists our Members in knowing whether you will be the right fit.